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Key Issues, Problems and Policy Options on Promoting Modernization of Social Governance: Questionnaire Survey Results Based on the National Policy Consulting System (Special Issue, No.122, 2019)


By Li Jianwei, Li Lan & Wang Weijin, Institute of Public Management and Human Resources, DRC

Research Report, Special Issue, No.122, 2019 (Total 1750) 2019-12-6

Abstract: Based on the national policy consulting system, the social governance questionnaire survey results show that the focus of social governance lies in ensuring social stability and grassroots governance, whereas the work covers quite a wide range of social sectors. At present, China has made great progress on social governance with renovated concepts and improved governance capabilities, gaining positive response from policy consultants on public order and emergency management. Under the leadership of the Communist Party of China in all respects, China has gained valuable experience to ensure and improve people’s well-being through mediation and consultation to resolve social contradictions in the course of social governance. In light of the positive progress made in social governance in Singapore and Japan, China still has a number of weak points in social governance to be resolved. For instance, the modernization of governmental governance is insufficient, basic rules and regulations are imperfect, public participation is not high, the boundary for grassroots governance is not clear and various social contradictions and potential risks remain to be addressed. Efforts need to be made to promote the modernization of social governance through the advance of basic systems construction, improve the government’s capability of governance, prepare relevant measures in advance to face up to future risks and translate innovative practices with universal significance into systems.

Key words: social governance, modernization of governance, government governance, grassroots governance