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The Management of Cross-Border Data Flow in Singapore: Experience and Enlightenments (No. 220, 2019)


By Wang Nian, Institute of Market Economy, DRC

Research Report, No. 220, 2019 (Total 5720) 2019-12-11

Abstract: In recent years, Singapore has attached more importance to the development of digital economy. Under the constraints of resources and market size, Singapore has given full play to the advantages of institutional openness, built a sound digital ecosystem and achieved rapid development of digital economy by establishing a management system for cross-border data flow and actively seeking international institutional coordination. The management system of cross-border data flow in Singapore has taken into account the two objects of protecting personal information security and supporting the development of digital economy, established a relatively comprehensive personal data protection system and supervision mechanism and built a digital ecosystem to support the development of the digital economy. The open attitude and effective practices of Singapore has provided useful references to China’s management of cross-border data flow. On the basis of ensuring national information security and ideological security, China needs to formulate a cross-border data flow management system that is conducive to developing China’s digital economy, enhancing the competitiveness of China’s digital industry, and supporting digital enterprises to go global.

Key words: cross-border data flow, international experience, ecosystem, Singapore