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Government Data Integration: Global Practice and Enlightenments (No. 218, 2019)


By Li Guangqian, Information Center, DRC

Research Report, No. 218, 2019 (Total 5718) 2019-12-10

Abstract: Countries around the world have adopted various approaches and means to strengthen their government data integration and have formed different institutions with various measures. Among all, the practices of the U.S. and the U.K are relatively mature while most of the other countries have adopted the “Open Government Partnership” (OGP) to deal with their government data integration. The practice of foreign government data integration has offered us some valuable references and enlightenments. For instance, the integration of government data is the basis for the realization of the common sharing and openness of government data; work is focused on top-level design and overall plan for the e-government system in use for years; a data reference model (DRM) needs to be established and developed; a unified government data portal needs to be established to provide a government-data and special data-based platform for offering an access to the public for the common sharing of government data; the construction of relevant systems needs to be enhanced, especially for those with the aim of strengthening and accelerating related institutional building, such as the legal provisions relating to information liberalization and an open and transparent government administration as well as the institutional construction of norms including privacy protection and the certification of data mining institutions.

Key words: government data, integration, common sharing and openness, Open Government Partnership (OGP)