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Brazil’s “Happy Children” Project and Relevant Inspirations (No. 238, 2019)


By She Yu, Wang Xiaoli & Cai Jianhua, delegation members of “The Second China-Brazil Dialogue on Early Child Development Project”, China Development Research Foundation

Research Report, No. 238, 2019 (Total 5738) 2019-12-14

Abstract: Focusing on the first 1,000 days of life, Brazil’s “Happy Children” project, launched by the Ministry of Civil and Social Action, is promoted by collaboration between relevant departments including health care, social assistance, education, justice and culture. The project aims to improve human development of future generation by strengthening the early development of children aged 0-3. The features of the project mainly include the country’s high-level attention and multi-sector cooperation, wide coverage of people, professional personnel for management and service, supply of targeted home visit service, and respect of the family and protection of children. However, the project has some deficiencies and faces some possible challenges, namely, the sustainability of funds, the mobility of professional personnel, the lack of information management, and the insufficient verification of intervention methods. China could draw the following inspirations from the project. We need to pay high attention to the importance of early child development to the enhancement of national strength. For children in poor areas, early intervention is not only important but also necessary. With regard to overall technical and economic issues and existing conditions for further promotion, it is advisable to integrate early intervention of children in poverty-stricken areas into national plan as soon as possible.

Key words: early child development, “Happy Children” project, inspirations, Brazil