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Implement the Assessment System to Promote the Sound Development of Elderly Care Service (No. 239, 2019)


By Zhang Jiahui, Research Department of Social Development, DRC; Zhao Duan, Duke Kunshan University

Research Report, No. 239, 2019 (Total 5739) 2019-12-25

Abstract: As a basic system for the construction of the elderly care service system, the assessment system on elderly’s care service needs is the fundamental basis for the reasonable allocation of public resources, as well as an important prerequisite for the formulation of a detailed care plan to improve the quality and level of elderly care service. The assessment system on elderly’s care service in China is still in its infancy and only a small number of areas based on pilot practice with long-term care insurance have established relatively complete assessment systems. It needs to be noted that there are still problems to be addressed such as simple and rough grading scale and insufficient professional personnel. As a result, the assessment system has not yet played its due role in formulating a detailed care service plan and guiding the proper allocation of elderly care service resources. We need to fully draw on international experience and establish multi-dimensional and comprehensive assessment standards to fully reflect the needs of elderly care; we need to comprehensively utilize the assessment results to promote the sound development of the elderly care service system; we need to strengthen the cultivation of assessment professionals to ensure that the assessment results are turned out in a rational and normal manner; we need to pay attention to the unification of assessment standards and procedures to promote fair pension services.

Key words: elderly care service, needs assessment, standard setting