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Improve the Chronic Disease Management System through Incentive Mechanisms (No. 240, 2019)


By Liu Shenglan, Research Department of Social Development, DRC

Research Report, No. 240, 2019 (Total 5740) 2019-12-25

Abstract: China is facing increased burden of chronic diseases while its financing capacity of medical insurance is limited. Therefore, we need to speed up the improvement of chronic disease management system. The Chinese government attaches great importance to the management of chronic diseases, but the specific measures have not yet been put into effect, leading to unsatisfied results. The United States, Britain, Germany, France and some other countries in the world have gained some valuable experience and practical measures in this aspect and their experience and measures make good reference for China. First, with a clear list of diseases made in advance, they implement a hierarchical management for patients based on their medical needs and bring into full play the role of nurses, pharmacists and relevant medical personnel. Second, by taking medical insurance as the main pillar bolstering chronic disease management, they provide economic guarantee and multiple incentives through different payment methods. Third, based on a perfect performance appraisal system, they pay attention to quality management. In light of international experience, China needs to improve the management system of chronic diseases through incentive mechanisms. Various funding channels need to be integrated to enable medical insurance to play its due role. The incentive mechanisms for chronic disease management need to be formed through performance evaluation. The allocation of human resources for chronic disease management needs to be optimized and the cost-performance ratio of human input needs to be raised. The role of new technologies in chronic disease management system needs to be given free rein.

Key words: chronic disease management, incentive mechanism, international experience