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Actively Promote High-quality Development of the Belt and Road Initiative in Africa -- Report on Visits to Ethiopia and Kenya (No. 244, 2019)


By Tao Pingsheng & Zhang Youyi, International Cooperation Department, DRC

Research Report, No. 244, 2019 (Total 5744) 2019-12-30

Abstract: Before the closing of 2019, DRC sent a delegation to Ethiopia and Kenya. Members of the delegation held discussions and exchanged views with think tanks of the two countries and international organizations such as the African Union and UNEP (the United Nations Environment Program) on issues concerning the advance of high-quality development of the Belt and Road Initiative (BR Initiative) in Africa. The two countries give a high appraisal of BR Initiative in promoting green development and are satisfied with the fact that the Initiative is pursued in light of regional and national development plans and in line with relevant international rules and standards of the host countries. However, there are also some problems and challenges to be addressed such as geopolitical skepticism, poor business environment, insufficient internationalization of Chinese rules and standards, low-level participation of Chinese private enterprises, limited financing sources and high cost, as well as the lack of systematic understanding of BR Initiative by African organizations. Relevant policy options are raised as follows. We need to rely on the host governments to ensure the advance of various projects of the BR Initiative. We need to further comply with relevant international rules and host countries’ requirements. We need to share our experience in green development. We need to promote innovation-oriented financing mode and strengthen management to avert debt risks. We need to enhance cooperation of think tanks between China and Africa so as to boost the swift advance of the BR Initiative.

Key words: The Belt and Road Initiative (BR Initiative), high-quality development, international rules, think tanks, Africa