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Experience Drawn from Brazil’s Early Child Development Projects and Relevant Inspirations (No. 3, 2020)


By Fang Jin, Zhao Chen, Xu Jingqiu & Xi Yi, Delegation Members of “The Second Round of China-Brazil Dialogue on Early Child Development Project”, China Development Research Foundation

Research Report, No. 3, 2020 (Total 5747) 2020-1-8

Abstract: This paper summarizes the characteristics of Brazil’s “Happy Children” project and early child development measures in Boa Vista city, and compares the early child development projects between China and Brazil. Brazil has established a relatively complete legal framework for early child development, with relatively mature experience in large-scale intervention in early child development, as well as multi-sectoral management tools and financial support. Based on the urban core development strategy of promoting children's development, Boa Vista has built basic public service facilities, focused on the intervention of vulnerable groups, and established a child and family information management system. In view of the prominent problems relating to the unbalanced development between urban and rural areas and between different regions which have led to backward early child development in rural areas, some organizations and institutions in China have carried out relevant explorations and gained some experience. It is advisable to accelerate the legislation of early child development in China, increase financial input, promote cross-sectoral cooperation, encourage social participation and strengthen foreign exchanges and cooperation, so as to press ahead early child development in China.

Key words: early child development, public policy, “Happy Children” project, Brazil