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Sustainable Operations and Management of Forest Resources in the New Era (No. 6, 2020)


By Cheng Huiqiang, Huang Junyong & Wang Haiqin, Research Team on “The Value Realization of China’s Forestry Ecological Products”, Research Institute of Resources and Environment Policies, DRC

Research Report, No. 6, 2020 (Total 5750) 2020-1-15

Abstract: Forest resources play an important role in preserving ecological safety, increasing forestry carbon sinks and maintaining ecological balance. Given the fact that China’s forest resources are inadequate in both quantity and quality and these resources are not evenly distributed plus weak functions and incomplete management mechanisms. Forest resources are not given its due role in pursuing economic and social development or environment benefits. Generally speaking, China’s forest resources cannot meet the needs of national ecological safety and China still faces a stern landscape in realizing the sustainable operations and management of forests. As China has not put into effect sustainable operations and management, the active role of forests in improving environment has not been brought into full play. Therefore, we need to protect and exploit forest resources at the same time by way of sustainable operations and management, push ahead with forestry reforms, develop forestry products in light of local conditions and give full scope to the role of forest resources in pursuing social, economic and environmental benefits. These measures will not only give full rein to fulfilling forests’ value in ecological adjustment and economic and cultural functions, but also realizing the sustainable development of forest resources.

Key words: forest resources, sustainable operation and management, approaches to value realization