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Digital Economic Development in Light of Prevention and Control of COVID-19: Outlook and Policy Options (No. 24, 2020)


By Gao Taishan & Ma Yuan, Enterprise Research Institute, DRC

Research Report, No. 24, 2020 (Total 5768) 2020-3-2

Abstract: Since the outbreak of COVID-19, China’s digital economy-related companies have played an irreplaceable role in mitigating the disease effects, promoting consumption-driven growth, and ensuring resumption of production, people’s well-being and social stability. The epidemic outbreak has testified the strength of China’s digital economy and precipitated the building of digital China across economic and social sectors. This epidemic, however, also exposes some problems in China’s economy. For instance, the country’s traditional industries lack a solid digital basis, they are not properly integrated with the real economy, the open-oriented and shared digital systems remain low, and the smart infrastructure is not in step with social governance requirement. In view of these issues, we need to deepen the synergy between digital economy and the real economy, and speed up the digital transformation for traditional industries. Digital governance polices need to be improved by digital sharing and law-based application. It is necessary to build an intelligent society toward the realization of modern social governance. Laws and regulations need to be optimized and institutional barriers removed in order to boost the innovative development of digital economy.

Key words: COVID-19, digital economy, social governance system, high-quality development