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Development of Japan’s Ice and Snow Industry: Experience and Reference (No. 84, 2020)


By Wang Yufei, Management World Magazine; Ding Hongwei, Beijing Foreign Studies University

Research Report, No. 84, 2020 (Total 5828) 2020-4-22

Abstract: The holding of the Winter Olympic Games in China in 2022 will further stimulate the consumer demand for culture, tourism and sports services, and China’s ice and snow industry has enjoyed good growth opportunities. Learning from the experience of developed countries is of great significance to the development of China’s ice and snow industry. Japan’s ice and snow industry is already very mature. Its development has experienced four stages: the popularity of ice and snow sports driven by professional winter sports events, the complementary stimulus of ice and snow sports and leisure and tourism, the gradual shrinking of the industry scale after the bubble economy burst, and the efficient attraction of overseas tourists in the context of aging society. It has gone through a process of initiation, boom, recession and recovery. The Japanese government has introduced relevant laws, regulations and policy measures in each period. The two most important measures are to guide the deep integration between ice and snow industry and tourist industry, and to formulate strict ecological and environmental protection standards, which ensure the sound development of ice and snow industry. The development course and relevant practices of Japan’s ice and snow industry provide good reference for the development of China’s ice and snow industry.

Keywords: ice and snow industry, ecological tourism, Japan