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Understand and Promote the High-Quality Development of China’s Manufacturing Industry (No.137, 2020)


By Li Yan & Zhao Changwen, Research Team on “Promoting the High-Quality Development of the Manufacturing Industry”, Department of Industrial Economy, DRC

Research Report, No.137, 2020 (Total 5881) 2020-6-8

Abstract: China’s economy has shifted from a stage of high-speed growth to a stage of high-quality development. Promoting the high-quality development of the manufacturing industry is the strategic requirement to adapt to the changing internal and external situations. Adhering to the new development concept, the high-quality development of manufacturing driven by innovation aims at enhancing the supply system of the manufacturing industry and better meeting the needs of consumption upgrading, focuses on improving efficiency, and realizes quality, efficient, balanced and sustainable development. The priorities need to be given to strengthening the institutional reform, fully stimulating the ingenuity and initiative of market players, and lifting the industrial governance capability. In terms of the guidelines, it is important to hold three bottom lines and target at three high goals. Holding three bottom lines means sticking to the development pattern, ensuring industrial safety and protecting environment. And the three high goals means high standards in product quality, environmental friendliness and safety; high targets in technological innovation and application; and high criteria in business environment construction.

Keywords: manufacturing industry, high-quality development, essence and implication, goals and tasks