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China’s Energy Development and Strategic Focus for the 14th Five-Year Plan Period (No.202, 2020)


By Wang Junli, Institute of Public Administration and Human Resources, DRC; Tong Guangyi, Peking University

Research Report, No.202, 2020 (Total 5946) 2020-8-12

Abstract: Faced with its slower growth in demand and fiercer global competition in the energy industry, China needs to bolster its innovation in technology, develop new forms of business, and adjust its energy layout in order to provide high-quality energy products and services. Specifically, China’s National Energy Security Commission needs to play its due role in designing synergetic strategies for energy security, and energy tax needs to be reformed for more balanced development between different regions. In addition, a batch of major projects for ensuring energy security need to be undertaken to enhance China’s emergency response capability and strengthen the stability of economic growth. Another round of infrastructure projects need to be launched to improve the overall energy services in urban and rural areas. And a smart energy network need to be established to pave the way for better future development.

Keywords: energy strategy for the “Fourteenth Five-Year Plan”, high-quality development, policies and measures