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Promote High-Quality Development of Preschool Education through Comprehensive Policy Measures (No.241, 2020)


By She Yu, Research Department of Social Development, DRC & Li Kejian, Zhejiang Normal University

Research Report, No.241, 2020 (Total 5985) 2020-10-12

Abstract: Facts show that there are hurdles checking the quality improvement of preschool education in China such as the large gap between different regions as well as between urban and rural areas in terms of the quality of preschool education and the enhancement of low-quality preschool education for impoverished children. The main reasons lie in the fact that the responsibilities of governments and departments at different levels are not well-defined and the cost sharing mechanism for inclusive and high-quality preschool education has not yet been established. Moreover, financial input and key mechanism for stable growth are insufficient and the financial funds need to be put into effect in a more scientific and targeted manner. In light of these facts, efforts need to be made to accelerate relevant legislation on preschool education to lay legal foundation for high-quality development, clarify the responsibilities of governments and departments at different levels to guarantee fair development and good quality of preschool education and enhance standardized supervision on kindergartens management to ensure the quality of services provided for kindergartens. Related departments also need to promote sustainable improvement of the quality of care for children and education and improve cooperation between different governmental departments so as to provide policy support and give full play to the advantages of professional organizations and boost the improvement of kindergartens management.

Keywords: preschool education, high quality, development, policy options