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From Strategies to Practices: Enlightenments of the Green Low-Carbon Transformation of Germany and Its Latest Measures (No.300, 2020)

Jan 25,2021

By Yang Yan & Gu Shuzhong, Research Institute of Resources and Environment Policies, DRC & Sun Xi, Institute for German Economy

Research Report, No.300, 2020 (Total 6044) 2020-12-15

Abstract: As a major manufacturing country in the world and the most powerful economy in the European Union, Germany has kept exploring and developed a string of strategies for effective green low-carbon transformation of its economy in the long-term practice of coping with climate changes, with plans, specific measures and law systems at the core. It has established a climate cabinet to improve unified management. After the outbreak of the novel coronavirus disease, the green recovery plan launched by Germany is actually the continuation, optimization and acceleration of its green low-carbon transformation for its economy under the guidance of Germany’s 2050 climate goals. Referring to the “strategies and practices” of the green low-carbon transformation of German economy, China can formulate its own strategies and measures as follows: striking a balance between economic and climate policies to promote comprehensive green recovery, focusing on developing scientific, appropriate and applicable strategies as top-level framework, establishing and improving the implementation, evaluation and adjustment mechanism of major strategies or governance policies as well as setting up the coordination and cooperation mechanism between various stakeholders.

Keywords: green low-carbon transformation, coping with climate changes, green recovery, enlightenments, Germany