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Contemporary Value of China’s Traditional Fine Culture: Roadmaps for Its Realization (No.302, 2020)


By Zhang Xiaohuan, Research Team on “Innovative Inheritance of China’s Traditional Fine Culture”, Institute of Public Administration and Human Resources, DRC

Research Report, No.302, 2020 (Total 6046) 2020-12-15

Abstract: Currently, with regard to traditional culture, there are some different views on that. Some highly praise it while some strongly deny it, resulting in some opposition and deviation in its proper understanding. Today, China enjoys a booming influence in the world. How to correctly view and inherit the fine traditional Chinese culture has become an urgent issue, which is not only related to the future of the Chinese nation, but also related to the world peace and development. Looking back at history, we need to continue to grasp the contemporary value of Chinese excellent traditional culture from both domestic and international aspects, have a thorough understanding of its in-depth influence on China and the world, and find the proper roadmap to inherit traditional culture. Looking ahead, we need to face up to the characteristics and trends of the development of modern society, comprehensively design the concept, method, roadmap, system and guarantee mechanism, integrate the inheritance of excellent traditional Chinese culture into the cultural construction of the new era, continuously enhance its modern adaptability, and strengthen cultural communication and exchanges both at home and abroad.

Keywords: fine traditional Chinese culture, cultural confidence, inheritance and innovation