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Push Ahead with Green Infrastructure Construction to Enhance the Capacity of Disaster Prevention and Mitigation (No.310, 2020)


By Wang Yufei, Management World Magazine

Research Report, No.310, 2020 (Total6054) 2020-12-23

Abstract:In recent years, frequent extreme weather and climate changes have prevailed in China, causing great losses of life and property. Consequently, urgent measures need to be taken. The construction of green infrastructure is one of the key measures for improving the institutional capacity to cope with disasters and risks and to enhance its adaptability and resilience in terms of response. Featured by multiple objectives and space as well as multi-level structure, it could pool together various factors including park systems, open space, greenway, ecological network, biological corridor and storm water management. Green infrastructure can not only control risks and reduce losses effectively, but also generate comprehensive ecological, economic and social benefits. It is a coordinated measure for adapting to climate changes as well as for preventing and mitigating disasters and it is also a win-win strategy for reducing climate risks and promoting economic growth. While green infrastructure construction has shown a full-fledged performance in developed countries, there is still more room for its development in China. Besides drawing on international experience, the Chinese Government needs to play a leading role and mobilize the participation of all stakeholders proactively in building a decision-making, planning, and operating mechanism with a sound organizational structure and scientific resource allocation. In addition, it needs to improve multi-party coordination and develop a governance structure with the participation of the public, and in particular it needs to encourage the participation of local communities and market players.

Keywords: disaster prevention and mitigation, green infrastructure, cope with climate risks