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Energy Transition: International Experience and Enlightenments for China (No.218, 2021)


By Zhang Shiguo, Management World Magazine; Fan Ying & Yi Bowen, School of Economics and Management, Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics

Research Report, No.218, 2021 (Total 6283) 2021-8-12

Abstract: At present, the world is undergoing energy transformation focusing on carbon neutrality. Compared to developed western countries which took about 50 years to realize the transition from peak carbon emission to carbon neutrality, China has only 30 years to achieve that goal. Research findings show that although the transitional paths vary because of the differences in terms of countries’ core motivations and energy and resource endowments, their underlying driving mechanisms are similar. By analyzing the laws and driving mechanisms of energy transition in various countries, this paper sums up the practical experiences of developed countries and regions such as the European Union, and proposes four feasible paths for China’s energy transition. And in line with the above-mentioned results, this paper proposed general ideas for China’s energy transition which needs to be target-oriented and focus on technology with the market as the guarantee and in line with scientific concepts. To be specific, four main aspects should be focused on. First, efforts are needed to clearly define the goals and directions of energy transition as soon as possible Second, innovation in new energy complementary technologies and modes needs to be encouraged Third, a market-based mechanism needs to be established to consume and incorporate green electricity. Fourth, a low-carbon development philosophy needs to be formed under the guidance of scientific ideas.

Keywords: energy transition, carbon neutrality, international experience, enlightenments