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From Absolute Poverty to Common Prosperity: Four-Decade Practice of Yongjia County, Zhejiang Province (No.220, 2021)


By Long Haibo & Chen Xiao, Center for International Knowledge on Development

Research Report, No.220, 2021 (Total 6285) 2021-8-16

Abstract: Thanks to the efforts for the development over the past four decades, Yongjia County has blazed a trail for enabling some areas to get rich first before helping the backward areas to realize the same goal. The first areas to get rich have witnessed increased agricultural revenue through technological progress, institutional reform and industrial chain extension along with the scale-driven upgrading during gradual industrialization. The backward areas in the county have shaken off poverty through the synergy between these areas and the local federation of industry and commerce, which plays an important role in making connections for businesses. Meanwhile, start-ups and employment are encouraged, and social security network is provided. For the disadvantaged groups, a range of measures have been introduced by the local government to ensure their subsistence. In order to realize prosperity for all, proactive actions have been taken to empower villages and farmers based on the future rural area planning and digital reform. The practice of Youngjia testifies that the role of the market must be brought into due play for innate local growth, and the local people’s creativity and entrepreneurship should be respected and encouraged to form collective actions for poverty alleviation and common prosperity. In addition, the government needs to shoulder their responsibility in providing full support for building a well-off society across the board. Yet it is also necessary to be reminded against simply copying the Yongjia experience regardless of national and local conditions or cultural particularity.

Keywords: absolute poverty, common prosperity, future rural areas, Yongjia County