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The Development of Media Convergence in the New Era: Reform Practices of Central and Local Media Convergence (No.221, 2021)


By Zhang Qiyan & Niu Jiaru, Research Team on “Practices of the New Development Philosophy”, China Center for International Knowledge on Development

Research Report, No.221, 2021 (Total 6286) 2021-8-17

Abstract: Along with the rapid advancement of the information technology, the Internet has revolutionized media platforms. Technology is an important engine for the development of media convergence, of which the goal is to improve influences of mainstream media outlets and the key lies in the media industrial reforms. These factors have helped to usher in the era of media convergence. In recent years, the central and local media outlets at all levels have developed a systematic, multi-level and connection-focused development path through top-down efforts, which integrate management modes of both public institutions and companies. The main practices include building integrated platforms for authoritative information distribution and content production, developing new modes based on big data, and establishing a mode where the public can participate while ensuring cyber security. In view of the experience, the vitality of media convergence in the new era lies in following the overall leadership of the Communist Party of China. By focusing on the core issues of data and flow rate, media outlets need to descale production and distribution of contents. Efforts are needed to generate more emerging entities for high-quality development and incorporate media outlets into the national governance system as an important link of shared social governance.

Keywords: media convergence, media convergence, high-quality development, governance capacities