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Develop green microgrids to improve low-carbon level of and safety guarantees for industrial energy use (No.272, 2022)

Feb 10,2023

By Han Xue, Li Jifeng & Guo Jiaofeng, Institute for Resources and Environment Policies, DRC; Hu Shuran, North China Electric Power University

Research Report, No.272 2022 (Total 6786) 2022-7-28 

Abstract: Industrial electricity consumption accounts for 66 percent of China's total social electricity consumption, and the main consumers of industrial electricity are mostly factories or industrial parks. The green microgrid is an important way to meet the three goals of reliability, economy and low carbon in industrial electricity use while upgrading the efficiency of energy utilization. It is also an important part in improving the green level of the energy infrastructure in the industrial field. Currently, the power supply in some industrial plants and parks is faced with problems of low power supply reliability, high cost and high energy use, which can be addressed by accelerating the large-scale demonstration, application and commercialization of industrial green microgrid. The application of green microgrid can strengthen the competitiveness of Chinese industrial products in the low carbon sector and facilitate the stable operation of investment in energy infrastructure. In order to provide a good investment environment for new business models, it is suggested that we should expand the investment and financing channels of industrial green microgrid, improve technical standard and management systems and deepen the market-oriented reform of electric power.

Key words: industrial green microgrid, social capital investment, system and mechanism construction, key technologies