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Hou Yongzhi

Effect,problems and improvements in China's regional planning


The national strategic regional plan does not only drive the regional economy, but also nurtures a group of new economic growth poles. It also plays a significant role in enhancing the degree of regional integration.

Aggressive urbanization and quality issues


DRC Minister Li Wei recently went to Hubei province to investigate urbanization there. Li actively explored urbanization in the new era and praised the improvements and experiences of urban aggregation, urban space optimization and urban-rural integration.

Planning for Central China's regional economy


The State Council officially approved Central China's Regional Economy Plan in November 2011. It is a more systematic and comprehensive arrangement after the Guidance and Advice on Supporting Construction of Central China's Regional Economy in Henan province issued in September 2011. The guidance focuses on strategic positioning, development objectives, strategic direction, layout, mechanisms and systems of Central China's regional economy.

Causes and lessons of Detroit's recession


The Michigan state government will take over the management of Detroit due to its dire fiscal situation. Detroit has become the biggest city to be taken over by a state government. Learning from Detroit's recession case provides great lessons for pushing forward China's urbanization.

Understanding 'Empty City' phenomenon


The "Empty City" issue has been a focus for the public for a long time. Pushing forward urbanization requires a thorough understanding of this issue in order to prevent the spread of the problem and avoid various conflicts and risks brought by the issue.