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Evaluation and Analysis of Scientific Development in Various Regions of China


Index of regional scientific development is a quantitative instrument for the comprehensive evaluation of economic and social development in various regions of China.

China's Agricultural Products: Balance between Supply and Demand and Policy Options


Since reform and opening-up, with the sharp increase of the total volume of agricultural products in China, the long-standing shortage of supply has been relieved.

China's Real Estate Market in 2007: Macro-regulation Policies and Assessment of their Effects*


In 2007, China's real estate sector maintained a rapid growth, with investment in real estate development.

Price Trend in 2008 and Policy Options


From January through February this year, CPI index increased by 7.1% and 8.7% respectively, year on year, drawing extensive social attention.

Chinese Government's Support for and Regulation on Nonprofit Scientific Research Organizations


The nonprofit scientific research organizations in China can be divided into two categories: public research institutions and private non-corporate research institutions.

Advancing the Formation of the Land Policy for Development Priority Zones


To this day, China still carries out the system of divisional governance in urban and rural areas with the government monopolizing the first-grade urban land market.

Overall Strategy for Regional Development and Advancing the Formation of the Development Priority Zones*


Regions are a carrier of the economic society, as well as a spatial form of co-existence and interaction between man and nature.

The Development Trend of Regional Disparity in China


Since the late 1970s, economic restructuring and fiscal decentralization, various regions have achieved high economic growth.