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Enhancing the Basic Role of Knowledge Innovation in the Innovation System


Knowledge innovation refers to the process of acquiring new knowledge of natural science and technology through scientific research (including basic research and applied research).

New Opportunities for China's Industrial Upgrading and Recommended Strategies and Policies


Currently, China is undergoing a very crucial period of transforming its mode of economic growth.

Basic Framework of China's Oil Reserve System


Establishing China's oil reserve system is an important policy measure to maintain national energy security.

The Status Quo, Problems and Development Trends of Private Equity in China


Private equity investment, which is called PE (Private Equity) for short, refers to a kind of investment into non-listed equity or non-publicly traded equity (private equity) of listed companies.

Status Quo of and Policy Suggestions on Rural Social Security


Data under analysis in this report are all from the surveys conducted during 2004 and 2005 by our project team.

Addressing the Issue of Early Retired Workers from State-Owned Enterprises Is a Necessary Step for Building a Harmonious Society


In the mid- and late 1990s, a batch of extremely large central enterprises (groups) began restructuring in order to get listed abroad.

Status Quo and Problems Related to the Operation and Management of China's Urban Environmental Facilities


Along with the gradual improvement of China's socialist market economy, relevant reforms have been made in the fields of the investment, construction and operation of urban environmental facilities.

Actively Reclaim the Abandoned Mining Areas to Realize Fast and Healthy Development of Mining Cities


China is in the stage of speedy industrialization. The large scale exploitation of mining areas has occupied and wasted a great many of land resources, which has made the serious situation of arable land protection become more serious.