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Impacts of Introducing Real Property Tax on Real Estate Market


The Decisions on Issues Concerning the Improvement of Socialist Market Economic System approved by the Third Plenary Session of the 16th Party Central Committee pointed out that a unified and standard real property tax would be introduced for real properties when conditions permit.

Regional Differences Related to the Effectiveness of Monetary Policy and Underlying Causes


Monetary policy usually maintains macro-economic stability and stabilizes internal and external shocks via affecting aggregate supply and demand.

Views and Suggestions on the Economic Situation in the First Half of 2008


In the first half of 2008, China's macro-economy maintained a rapid development on the whole, with the gross domestic product (GDP) increasing by 10.4% year on year.

Current Economic Performance, Main Issues and Policy Suggestions


Since 2008, the economic operation has been advancing in the direction that was anticipated when the guideline of "Two Prevents" ( prevent fast economic growth from becoming overheated growth and keep the structural price increase from turning into significant inflation) was put forward in the beginning of the year.

New Pattern for World Economic Development and China's Foreign Economic Relations


Since the 1990s, especially from the beginning of the 21st century, the information technology revolution and the reforms carried out in various countries have witnessed profound changes in world economic pattern.

Sci-Tech Innovation Teams: Identification Standards & Policies for Cultivation


Standards for identifying sci-tech innovation teams are a significant integral part of management system of sci-tech innovation teams.

Development Trend for Rural Migrant Workers and Relevant Policy Options


Rural migrant workers are a special concept during the transformation of China's economic society, referring to those who have rural residence registration but are engaged in non-agricultural sectors and live on wages.

Development Strategies of Bio-diesel Industry and Policy Options


Biological diesel (bio-diesel), referring to the clean and renewable liquid fuel used by diesel engines, can be extracted from two kinds of raw materials.