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China's Renewable Resources Industry:Present Development and Existing Problems


With the constant increase of incomes for urban and rural residents and the improvement of their consumption level, the number of waste materials has gone up rapidly.

New Energy-saving Measures Are Needed


The first two years in the Eleventh Five-Year Plan period saw the decrease of the energy consumption per unit GDP by only 1.33% in 2006 and by about 3% expected in 2007.

Analysis of Current Price Rise in Assets and Commodities in China


Currently, it is commonly recognized that excess liquidity is the major reason behind the rise of asset price.

Innovation of Industrial Chains in China:Understanding, Cases and Discussions


The innovation of industrial chains is a kind of innovation created by enterprise groups.

Evaluation and Analysis of Scientific Development in Various Regions of China


Index of regional scientific development is a quantitative instrument for the comprehensive evaluation of economic and social development in various regions of China.

China's Agricultural Products: Balance between Supply and Demand and Policy Options


Since reform and opening-up, with the sharp increase of the total volume of agricultural products in China, the long-standing shortage of supply has been relieved.

China's Real Estate Market in 2007: Macro-regulation Policies and Assessment of their Effects*


In 2007, China's real estate sector maintained a rapid growth, with investment in real estate development.

Price Trend in 2008 and Policy Options


From January through February this year, CPI index increased by 7.1% and 8.7% respectively, year on year, drawing extensive social attention.