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Strategic Thinking for Central China on Building Energy and Raw Material Bases and Developing Manufacturing Industry


Strengthening the construction of energy and major raw materials bases and accelerating the development of competitive manufacturing industry is an inherent requirement for the rise of China’s central region.

Analysis of Resource Restrictions and Causes in China’s Industrialization


Industrialization is inseparable from resource consumption, but China faces a severe problem with restricted resources. The problem is mainly reflected by the following facts.

The Current Situation and Problems in China’sTechnological Innovation Service System


The technological innovation service system is an important component of the national innovation system. Internationally, there is no explicit definition of technological innovation services.

The Faster Development of the Service Industry Requires Removing Bottlenecks Restraining Service Industry Development


China’s service industry has maintained rapid growth since 2000. The internal structure of the service industry has also improved to some extent.

Views on Adjusting the State-owned Economic Distribution and State-owned Asset Administration System


The 15th Party Congress set the principle of adjusting the state-owned economic distribution and changing the overly extensive layout of the state-owned economy, and a consensus has been reached on this issue.

Evaluation and Prospect of the Impact ofWTO Accession on China’s Economy and Society


Joining the World Trade Organization can enable China to enjoy the long-term unqualified most-favored-nation treatment and can create a fair-trade environment for enterprises to explore new markets.

Dynamic Data of China’s Macro Economy in 2005


In 2005, China continued to strengthen and improve macro-control, with the national economy and social development acquiring a marked effect.

Take a Resource-Effective Path of Development


While China has many favorable conditions for sustained rapid economic growth, it also has many contradictions and difficulties in this respect.