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Qinghai-Tibet Railway and Tibet’s Industrial Restructuring


The completion of the Qinghai-Tibet Railway will trigger an economic radiation that is characteristic of point and axis development, which will greatly promote the adjustment of Tibet’s economic and industrial structures.

Strategy for Developing China’sElectronic Information Enterprises


China’s electronic information industry has scored tremendous achievements in its development since reform and opening up. While the output value of this industry was only 10 billion yuan in 1980, its sales revenue in 2005 was as high as 3.84 trillion yuan.

Suggestions on Actively Implementing theStrategy of Giving Priority to CorporateHuman Resources Development


With the strong support of the human resources divisions of the organization departments of the CPC provincial (municipal) committees across the country, the survey covered nearly 10,000 enterprises and 60,000 people in all 31 provinces and municipalities.

The Obstacles to the Development of Recycle Economy and Countermeasures


The development of the recycle economy has seen a boom in recent years all over the country as well as in some relevant industries.

The Basic Situation in China’s Primary Resources Supply and Demand and the Reform Direction of Resources Allocation Mechanism


China is a vast country with rich resources and a huge population. While the total amounts of natural resources including cultivated land, water, forestry, energy and mineral reserves are fairly high, the per capita possessions are rather low.

Sharpen Vigilance against EnvironmentalPollution in the Process of Rural Modernization ——An Issue That Cannot Be Ignored in Building a New Countryside


The rural environment in its narrow sense is relative to the urban environment. It is the sum total of the natural and social conditions within a scope that takes the place of farmer habitation as the center.

Dynamic Data on China's Macro Economy for the First Half of 2006


During the first half of 2006, China's national economy grew steadily and rapidly. According to preliminary calculation, during the first half of the year, GDP reached 9144.3 billion yuan, up 10.9% as compared with the same period of last year, showing 0.9 percentage pointsincrease than the same period last year.

Keynote of China’s Social and Economic Policies*


The keynote of China’s social and economic policies at present and during the entire period of modernization drive rests on scientific development and social harmony as well as on the relevant system reform and construction.