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The Challenges China Faces under the Liberalizationof International Air Transport and Countermeasures


Against the backdrop of globalization, air transport liberalization has already become an irreversible trend in the international airline industry.

Striving to Solve Social Problems in Cities with Drained Resources (Abridged)


Recently, the author conducted a surveyin Fushun, Benxi and Fuxin in Liaoning Province over social problems related to drained urban resources.

Concerns on Technical Barriers Contained in theTwo EU Directives on Electrical and Electronic Equipment (EEE)


The first is the need to harmonize the laws of EU member states and eliminate barriers between them.

China in Regional Integration and Global Trade System


China became the world’s sixth largest economy and third largest trade power in 2004. The country’s rapid economic development has become a powerful engine for world economic growth.

Improving Resource Utilization Efficiency and Building a Resource-Efficient Society*


Building a resource-efficient society and realizing a sustainable development have become the goal all countries are trying to achieve as the world economy reaches a certain stage.

Seriously Tackling Problems Regarding the Path to Industrialization and the Economic Growth Mode during the 11th Five-Year Plan


"Macro control" had dominated the year 2004 -- more scared than hurt. But it should be noted that since the implementation of the policy of reform and opening-up began, whenever growth was accelerated, it would soon slowed down due to the resources bottleneck and mounting inflation pressure.

GeneralEconomic Performanceand Prominent Problems in 2005


In short, the economy has been moving forward in the regulated direction set by the Party Central Committee and the State Council at the beginning of this year.

Judgment on Cyclical Development Trend of the Economy in 2005


In 2005, the basic performanceposture of China’s economic growth and industrial development will be subject to the joint impact of the cyclical economic fluctuations at three levels.