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Long-Term Coexistence of Two Ownerships of Construction Land Should Be Institutionally Ensured


The process of China’s urbanization has always been accompanied by large-scale land nationalization.

How to Deepen the Reform of the Monopoly Industries in China


Since 1980s, the reform of the monopoly industries has become an international trend, which is in the direction of relaxing control and introducing competition into such fields as may allow of competitions.

An Analysis of the Structure and Trend of the New Round of Economic Growth (Abridged)


The rapid growth of the heavy and chemical industries is the most striking phenomenon of the new round of economic growth.

How Long Can the High Growth of China’s Tax Revenue Go On


After the policy to carry out tax sharing system reform in 1994 was implemented by the State, an extraordinary increase of tax revenue at various localities in 1993 was witnessed.

Two Major Problems in Developing China’s Unified Trust Market


Now, two years later, the problems not only still exist, but also become more serious, with endless market disputes, continuous emergence of investment risks and a sea of red-lights given by the regulatory agencies.

Market-oriented Reform and Coordinated Development of China’s Urban and Rural Areas (Abridged)


Before China began reform and opening up, the land system of the people’s commune was a major cause of the urban-rural disequilibrium.

Develop People-Enriching Industry to PromoteVirtuous Cycle of Urban and Rural Economies(Abridged) -- Survey on Rural Economy Development of Huhehot City


The experience of Huhehot City in developing its rural economy indicates that the city has earnestly implemented the requirements of the“No. 1 Document”of the central government.