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Views on Adjusting the State-owned Economic Distribution and State-owned Asset Administration System


The 15th Party Congress set the principle of adjusting the state-owned economic distribution and changing the overly extensive layout of the state-owned economy, and a consensus has been reached on this issue.

Evaluation and Prospect of the Impact ofWTO Accession on China’s Economy and Society


Joining the World Trade Organization can enable China to enjoy the long-term unqualified most-favored-nation treatment and can create a fair-trade environment for enterprises to explore new markets.

Dynamic Data of China’s Macro Economy in 2005


In 2005, China continued to strengthen and improve macro-control, with the national economy and social development acquiring a marked effect.

Take a Resource-Effective Path of Development


While China has many favorable conditions for sustained rapid economic growth, it also has many contradictions and difficulties in this respect.

An Analysis of China’s Current Economic Performance and Economic Development Trend for Next Year


After a period of accelerated growth from 2002 to 2004, the Chinese economy entered a period of stable growth in 2005.

An Analysis of the Evolution Process of China’s Economic Growth Mode


The planned mode of economic growth lasted roughly from 1952 to 1978. In terms of the economic system, the basic feature of this mode was that it was associated with a highly centralized planned economy.

An Analysis of China’s Investment Ratio


Since reform and opening-up, China has achieved an average annual economic growth of 9.4%. It is close to that of Japan and the “four little tigers” in Asia during the periods of their economic taking off.

Suggestions on Financial System Reform in China’s Rural Areas


At present, serious capital scarcity is threatening the sustainable development of the Chinese agricultural economy.