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Analysis of the Systematic Risks of China’s Insurance Industry


Through more than 20 years of development, China’s insurance industry has made remarkable progress and so far has become the country’s fastest growing industry seeing the longest period of rapid growth.

Sorting out and Creating a Policy and Institutional Environment for Enhancing Chinese Enterprises’ International Competitiveness*


It has always been a strategic task which catches the high attention of the government to enhance the competitiveness of the domestic enterprises.

Working to Expand Market Capacity for China’s Aviation Industry


In the medium and short-term (15 years), feeder airline and general-purpose airline are the two factors practically driving the development of China’s aviation industry.

Guiding Principles and Goals for Environmental Protection and Ecological Construction during the 11th Five-Year Plan*(Abridged)


The 11th Five-Year Plan is a crucial period for China to build a well-off society in an all-round way.

The External Environment for China’s Development and the Strategic Tasks for Opening up during the 11th Five-Year Plan*


In the next 5-15 years, China’s opening up to the outside world will enter a new period of development.

An Analysis of the Economic Situation in 2004 and the Prospect for 2005


The Chinese economy began a new round of rapid growth in 2002, thanks to the profound changes in both the mode of development and the mode of system.

An Analysis of the Current Agricultural and Rural Economic Situation and Related Policy Suggestions


The State has visibly strengthened policy support for agriculture, peasants and the rural areas since the beginning of 2004.