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Raising the Overall Economic Competitiveness Is the Only Way for Economic Development of Zhejiang Province -- An abridged report on survey of economic development in Zhejiang Province


From April 6-18 and May 27-28, my colleagues and I made a survey in nine counties of Zhejiang Province to study the ways for Zhejiang to create new advantages and make new achievements.

Regional Gap: Status Quo and Future Trends


From the foundation of new China 1949 to 1978, China implemented a balanced regional development strategy.

An Annual Rise of 4% for CPI Will not Cause Overall Inflation (Abridged)


An analysis of factors that drove up the CPI this year reveals that the major factor was the rise of food prices, which was largely caused by the rise of grain prices.

Energy Production Expanded Rapidly, but Supply Remains Short (Abridged)


This, to some extent, will restrain the breakneck growth of energy demand.

Service Prices Will Continue to Rise Stably (Abridged)


Given the operating situation and development trends of the national economy in the first half of 2004, the macro economic situation in 2004 as a whole and demand for services will continue to improve.

Issues on Feed Grain and the Supply and Demand Balance of the Grain Market in China


Family-based operations in the agricultural industry has led to a new mechanism of grain supply and demand in the country, i.e. the “safety mechanism for family-based operations in the small-scale peasant economy”.

Focusing on Establishing a Firewall to Ensure Better Supervision over Financial Holding Groups


At present, China already has a huge number of various financial holding groups, which take various forms many of which attempt to avoid supervision.

Urban Infrastructure: Where Private Capital Can Play A Great Role


In the mid- and late-1990s, the shortage economy generally ended and a buyer’s market started to emerge in areas where the government did not impose entry bans.