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Policy Proposals for Large State-owned Investment Companies Participating in Reduction of State-owned Shares


At present, suggested means for the reduction of state shares mainly include sale, repurchase and auction.

Restructuring of China’s Listed Companies: Achievements and Problems


China’s listed companies have a history of merely 10 years. So far, the total number of listed companies in China is only a little more than 1,000.

Market-Driven Investment in Infrastructure and Operation of State-Owned Capital


During the Ninth Five-Year Plan period, China scored unprecedented achievements in infrastructural construction.

2001: World Economic Development and Its Influence on China


The strong growth of world economy in 2000 is out of people’s expectation.

Prospect for Economic Development and Key Issues in 2001


The national economy stopped decreasing and began to rise this year.

Macro-management and China’s Economic Security


Economic security and other elements like economic growth, full employment, economic stability and equal distribution constitute important policy targets of macro-management.

Reforming China’s Foreign Economic Management Systems


As an international organization devoted to handling international trade relations, the World Trade Organization (WTO) is in essence designed to restrict the trade policies of its members by various kinds of agreements so as to guarantee liberalization of trade.

Selection of the Target Mode in Reform of Pension Security System and Thoughts on its Implementation


There are a lot of problems in the current pension security system.