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Industrial Clusters and their Importance to Economic Development


The 16th National Congress of the CPC proposed that China should “braze a new trail for industrialization, featuring high scientific and technological content.

An Analysis of the Features of Regional Socio-economic Development on China’s Mainland


China is a vast country with a territory of 9.6 million square kilometers.

Reform of Government Assets ManagementSystem & Opportunities for Foreign Merger and Acquisition


In 2002, China may overtake the United States to become the world’s largest destination of foreign direct investment.

Informal Financing: An Issue for New Understanding


Informal financing activity refers to informally organized public financial activity outside the governance of the supervision authorities.

Unified Planning of Urban and Rural Economic-Social Development: A Major Strategy to Solve the Problems Facing Agriculture, Rural Areas and Farmers


Before the reform and opening up, China had never succeeded in establishing a relationship between the urban and rural areas characterized by a balanced growth and a virtuous circle.

Energy Conservation-- An Unavoidable Issue in the New Era


At a time when China is further improving its market economy and is opening even wider to the outside world, how should the government administer energy conservation?

Processing Trade: A New Road to Industrialization Against the Background of Globalization


Economic globalization has posed a grave challenge to the traditional industrialization strategies of the developing countries.

An Analysis of the Economic Situation in 2002-2003 and Policy Recomendations


Due to the impact of the Asian financial crisis and as a result of the pressure of domestic deflation, China’s economic growth fell for a time after 1998 and became more dependent on expansionary macroeconomic policies.