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The Feasible Path for the Reform of Four Major State-owned Banks


The central bank injected 45 billion U.S. dollars in capital into the Bank of China and the China Construction Bank in early 2004, thus formally launching the process of reforming the four major state-owned commercial banks.

Policy Suggestions on Developing Property Rights Trading Market (Excerpts)


China has so far promulgated "Corporation Law", "Partnership Law", "Individual Sole Proprietorship Law", "Security Investment Fund Law" and "Trust Law", and is busy revising "Corporation Law", "Security Law" and "Partnership Law" at present.

Several Issues Concerning the Development and Reform of China’s Postal Service


For the current stage of China’s economic development, the reform of the postal service is a hard nut to crack.

Strategy and Features of China’s Scientific and Technological Supply in the Future (Excerpts)


China’s economic and social development will pose a huge demand for science and technology in the future.

Population Growth and Employment Opportunities (Excerpts)


According to experts, China’s population is estimated to surpass 1.3 billion and reach 1.3002 billion in 2004, registering a natural growth rate of 6 ‰.

China: A Rising Trade Power


China is rising up as a trade power in today’s world.

Six Major Measures for Further Promoting Foreign Trade (Excerpts)


We should take full advantage of the central government’s financial discount policy on bank loans resulted from delayed payment of tax rebate to relieve enterprises’ capital shortage burden.

System Framework Options for Economic Cooperation among China, Japan and South Korea


Before the Asian financial crisis, East Asian countries mainly pursued a unilateral liberalization policy based on the most-favored-nation treatment (MFN), while they were also an important force in support of a multilateral trade system.