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Ecological Restoration Should Be the Chief Objective of the Development of the and Industry in the Three North Regions (Abridged)


The chief objective of the State in developing the sand industry is ecological restoration, but the motivation of enterprise participation is their high expectation on the future return of this industry.

A Forecast of Trade Balance Trend in 2004 and Proposals(Abridged)


If the trade deficit will show up in 2 – 3 consecutive quarters in 2004, then anticipation of the Renminbi appreciation on the market will evidently weaken and the cost and pressure from the adjustment of the exchange rate mechanism will decrease accordingly.

Policy Collections: 1 China’s Policy on Auto Industry (Abridged)


Stick to the principle of combining the fundamental function of allocating resources through the market with the macro adjustment and control by the government, create a fair-play and unified market environment and perfect a legalized management system for the automotive industry.

Policy Collections: 2 Proposals on Prior Development of Public Transport in Cities (Abridged)


The main objective is to strive to basically establish the dominant status of public transport among urban transport systems in approximately 5 years.

China’s Policy Options for an All-round, Balanced and Sustainable Development


The theme of this forum – the all-round, balanced and sustainable development of China, is an issue of popular concern both at home and in the international community.

Objective and Indicator System for Building a Well-off Society in an All-round Way (Excerpts)


Building a well-off society in an all-round way is a development stage with decisive significance in the third strategic stage in the modernization drive.

Basic Judgement on Current Economic Situation and Policy Proposals


Currently, economic growth in China is in a pivotal stage. Since 2003, the CPC Central Committee and the State Council have adopted a series of macroeconomic regulation and control measures to resolve some acute problems, and it seems they are taking effect.

Analysis of Rural Economic Situation and Outlook


Rural economic situation in 2003 presented the following outstanding characteristics: First of all, SARS epidemic seriously affected farmers’ income, farmers’ work in urban areas between April and June and the sales of farm products.