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Actively Explore New Ways for Increasingthe Income of Farmers in Traditional Agricultural Regions


As far back as in the early 1980s, the central government explicitly advocated in its policies for returning the supply and marketing cooperatives to the farmers.

An Analysis of the Economic Situation in the First Half of 2003 and an Outlook for the Whole Year


Under the correct leadership of the Party Central Committee and the State Council, and with concerted efforts of the whole nation, the SARS epidemic has been brought under an effective control.

On the Current Price Situation and Policy Proposals


Since the beginning of this year, the residents’ consumer price index has ended nearly one year’s negative growth and has shown a trend of increasing month by month.

The Goal of Improving the System of Socialist Market Economy and the Focus of Reform in the Short Run


After more than two decades of efforts, China has preliminarily established a framework of the socialist market economic system, with market starting to play a fundamental role in allocation of resources and economic operation.

Standardize and Improve State Public Health and Plant Hygiene Control System


To ensure the health of the people and the safety of their lives, protect the safety of animals and plants, tackle the outbreak of public health incident, it is necessary to standardize and improve China’s public health and plant hygiene control system.

An Analysis of the Competition in China’s Telecom Industry


Promoting competition in the telecom industry is a consensus in various countries when they develop their telecom industry.

China’s Population and Employment Situation in 2002 and an Outlook for 2003


According to the Statistical Bulletin on the National Economy and Social Development in 2002 issued by the National Statistical Bureau on February 28, 2003, development of China’s population in 2002 showed the following five features.

Reflections and Proposals on Reform of the Social Security System


Reform and construction of the social security system has mainly concentrated in two areas for more than a decade.