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Development and Performance of China’s Consumer Goods Market


China’s consumer goods market experienced a test of severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) in 2003, and the market operation restrained first and rose later.

Policy Suggestions on Stabilization of Market Price (Excerpts)


The policies and measures in 2004 should be designed mainly to solve the acute contradictions in price performance.

China’s Financial System Reform and Policy Options (Excerpts)


Prudent monetary policy should remain to be the keynote of 2004. To make it more specific, the monetary policy should give priority to interest rate adjustment and open market operation.

Ten Major Trends for Regional Development in China


Since China started its reform and opening to the outside world in 1978, the gap in regional development can be roughly divided into three periods of changes.

Countermeasures for Energetically Developing China’s Electronic and Information Industry (Abridged)


China has joined the world’s giants in terms of scale of its electronic information industry.

Views and Suggestions on the Restructuring of State-owned Enterprises


There have been diverse definitions on the restructuring of state-owned enterprises: change of their forms, change of their equity structure and change of their basic systems.

The Feasible Path for the Reform of Four Major State-owned Banks


The central bank injected 45 billion U.S. dollars in capital into the Bank of China and the China Construction Bank in early 2004, thus formally launching the process of reforming the four major state-owned commercial banks.

Policy Suggestions on Developing Property Rights Trading Market (Excerpts)


China has so far promulgated "Corporation Law", "Partnership Law", "Individual Sole Proprietorship Law", "Security Investment Fund Law" and "Trust Law", and is busy revising "Corporation Law", "Security Law" and "Partnership Law" at present.