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Informal Financing: An Issue for New Understanding


Informal financing activity refers to informally organized public financial activity outside the governance of the supervision authorities.

Unified Planning of Urban and Rural Economic-Social Development: A Major Strategy to Solve the Problems Facing Agriculture, Rural Areas and Farmers


Before the reform and opening up, China had never succeeded in establishing a relationship between the urban and rural areas characterized by a balanced growth and a virtuous circle.

Energy Conservation-- An Unavoidable Issue in the New Era


At a time when China is further improving its market economy and is opening even wider to the outside world, how should the government administer energy conservation?

Processing Trade: A New Road to Industrialization Against the Background of Globalization


Economic globalization has posed a grave challenge to the traditional industrialization strategies of the developing countries.

An Analysis of the Economic Situation in 2002-2003 and Policy Recomendations


Due to the impact of the Asian financial crisis and as a result of the pressure of domestic deflation, China’s economic growth fell for a time after 1998 and became more dependent on expansionary macroeconomic policies.

An Analysis of Price Performance in 2002 and Price Trend in 2003


The trend of market prices in 2003 will both demonstrate a stabilizing trend and face a downward pressure.

Some Views and Proposals on the State Asset Management System


In China, the reform of the state asset management system is an important issue closely linked to the reform of the state-owned enterprises, for it involves such specific issues as who should decide and implement the plans of state enterprise reform.

Two Issues Requiring Further Resolution in the Establishment of the Electrical Power Supply Supervision System


It is necessary to point out, however, that the current reform plan for power supervision has two deficiencies or areas for improvement.