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An Analysis and Forecast of the Economic Situation in 2003-2004


In spite of the shock of the SARS, China’s GDP growth still reached 9.1%, a 1.1 percentage points higher year-on-year, representing a fairly high degree of growth in recent years.

Policy Suggestions in Solving the Problems Facing China’s griculture, Rural Areas and Farmers at the New Stage (Excerpts)


The central government’s policy is more and more explicit in solving problems facing agriculture, rural areas and farmers.

China’s Entry into a New Phase of Heavy Industry and its Impact on Macroeconomy


If the economic growth since the second half of 2002 is merely seen as a rebound of macroeconomic indicators, it would be an underestimation of the changes the Chinese economy has been undergoing.

The Inflationary Trend and the Selection of the Target Value of Monetary Policy Regulation in 2004


Deducting the China factor, the global grain reserve is at the lowest level since 1996, which is 6.5 percentage points lower than the average historical level of 20.4%.

Entrepreneurs’ Opinion on the Macroeconomic Situation and the Hot Spots of Reform -- The 2003 Report on the Survey of Chinese Entrepreneurs


The 2003 Questionnaire Survey on Chinese Entrepreneurs was conducted by the Chinese Entrepreneurs Survey System of the Personnel Exchange and Training Center of the State Council Development Research Center.

Analysis of the Environment and Potential for Development of Commercial Franchise in China


Following stipulations in the franchise contract, the franchisee would carry out business operations according to the unified mode of business management and operation developed by the franchisor and pay the latter for it accordingly.

Perspective and Consideration on “City Management” Fever


In the past two years, "city management" has become a buzzword. First, the municipal governments in various parts of the country accepted this concept and began putting it into practice.

Survey and Analysis on Local Protection


Local protection has been standing out gradually with reform and opening up.