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Orientation of Chinese Government’s Social Policy Adjustment after WTO Accession


Overall, China’s accession to the World Trade Organization is not only conducive to the long-term development of its economy but also to the acceleration of its social modernization.

Suggestions on Policy Issues Concerning Current Agriculture and Rural Economy


In the past two years, various regions and departments have been studying the new developments and new problems emerging after agriculture and rural development entered a new stage.

The Relationship between Trade and Investment among China, Japan and Republic of Korea


Bilateral and multilateral trade in goods is an important content in evaluating economic contact of countries within a region.

Proposal On Developing Public transit By Using "MetroBus" In City Of Suzhou


Heavy population is a symbol of city prosperity, while the heavy traffic is a pain in the neck for ordinary people, who also regard this matter as one of the important indexes of achievements of a municipal government.

Entrepreneurs’ Views on Current Economic Situation


The 2002 survey on Chinese entrepreneurs was conducted in late August 2002 by the China Entrepreneurs Survey System under the Personnel Center, Development Research Cente of the State Council.

Growth of Productivity and Sustainable Economic Growth in China


China has maintained a high-speed economic growth for two decades since 1978.

Root Causes of Continuous Price Decline And Policy Suggestions


China’s price level has been declining since 1998.

A Study on China’s Process of Marketization


How is the process of China’s marketization after over two decades of reform?