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How to Promote Orderly Movement of Surplus Rural Labor


Since the mid-1980s, swiftly emerging TVEs have absorbed a large amount of rural labor force.

An Analysis of the Current Economic Situation and Several Policy Suggestions


China’s economic growth at the current stage is mainly restrained by demand.

Solution of Structural Contradictions and Improvement of Investment Environment to Promote Sustainable and Steady Economic Growth


It can be seen from Chart 1 that the growth of the Chinese economy has kept slowing down since 1992.

Select and Implement an Active Responsive Strategy After WTO Accession


WTO accession brings both advantages and disadvantages to China.

A Study of Policies on Encouraging Investment Abroad


As a country exercising foreign exchange control, China has always carried out strict control over investment in foreign countries.

Measures for the Healthy Development of Socialised Distribution Service in China*


The client self-service pattern (first party distribution services).

Developments of the State-owned Enterprise Reform in Recent Years and Some Policy Recommendations


In recent years, the state-owned enterprise reform has achieved significant progress. However, the reform is far from complete and we should adopt pertinent measures to further deepen this reform.

Major Issues in the Implementation of the South-to-North Water Diversion Project


As a complicated and huge system engineering undertaking, the south-to-north water diversion project will generate profound and lasting impact on the economic and social development as well as on the ecological environment.