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Accelerate Customs Reform and Develop International Pivotal Ports


International pivotal ports are of great significance to the advance of the international competitiveness of a country’s economy.

Strengthen Policy Guidance for Foreign-Invested Enterprises and Promote Industrial Restructuring


After its WTO accession, China has been facing a dual strategic task of accelerating opening up and expediting structural adjustment in order to respond to the new changes in international division of labor and cooperation and to achieve a rapid and sustained economic growth.

Cherish and Promote the Structural Changes in the Driving Force for Economic Growth


Since the beginning of reform and opening up, China’s economy has maintained a general trend of rapid growth.

Phasic Changes in the Chinese Economy, Remaining Problems and Prospects for Development


In terms of the three-step modernization strategy, China has completed the first two steps by doubling the 1980 GDP in 1990 and again the 1990 GDP in 2000.

How to Promote Orderly Movement of Surplus Rural Labor


Since the mid-1980s, swiftly emerging TVEs have absorbed a large amount of rural labor force.

An Analysis of the Current Economic Situation and Several Policy Suggestions


China’s economic growth at the current stage is mainly restrained by demand.

Solution of Structural Contradictions and Improvement of Investment Environment to Promote Sustainable and Steady Economic Growth


It can be seen from Chart 1 that the growth of the Chinese economy has kept slowing down since 1992.

Select and Implement an Active Responsive Strategy After WTO Accession


WTO accession brings both advantages and disadvantages to China.