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The Development of Consumer Goods Market in 2001 and Prospect for 2002


Since 2001, the development of China’s consumer goods market has been on a steady growing trend, and growing consumer demand has become an important base for the steady and fast development of the national economy. In 2002, the consumer goods market will continue to maintain the steady and growing development trend.

Rural Economic Situation in 2001 and Prospect in 2002


General stability with slight growth was the overall feature of China’s rural economy in 2001. During the year, the environment for the rural economy was improved to certain extent.

World Economic Forecast and Outlook for 2002


In the year 2001, all three leading developed economies in the world, the United States, the Eurozone and Japan, experienced recession or severe downturn. At the same time, the economic growth of the developing countries and the countries in economic transition, with the exception of those in Africa, was all affected in varying degrees.

Policy Proposals for Accelerating the Establishment of Social Credit Management System in China


Against the background of China’s entry into the important Tenth Five-Year-Plan period and the WTO, its poor social credit system and a general credit disequilibrium have become major obstacles to the sustainable and healthy economic development and the improvement in the socialist market economic system.

Judgments of Entrepreneurs on Macroeconomic Situation and Hot Issues -- Based on Questionnaires for Chinese Entrepreneurs Survey Report 2001


The Chinese entrepreneurs survey 2001 was organized by the Chinese Entrepreneurs Survey System under the Development Research Center of the State Council.

Accelerating System Innovation and Solving the Financing Difficulty of Private Enterprises


New Characteristics of Financing Difficulty of Privately-owned Enterprises

Taxation Policy and Institutional Options for Chinese Financial Enterprises after China’s Entry into the WTO


In the first half of this year, the State Council decided to reduce business tax rate for financial enterprises from 8% to 5%, with one percentage point decrease each year through a three-year period.