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An Evaluation on China’s Trade Dependence Ratio


China’s trade dependence ratio has been on the rise in the past 20 years.

China’s New Opening-up Strategy Facing its Accession to the World Trade Organization


Opening to the outside world is a fundamental state policy of China and is also an important component of the Tenth Five-Year Plan.

Migration of Rural Laborers in China under a Binary Structure and Policy Alternatives for the Issue1


Trans-regional migration has become an important form of employment for rural laborers, and has come to be referred to as the “tide of rural laborers” in recent years.

Some Issues Concerning Industrial Restructuring


An unprecedented wave of merger and aquisition (M&A) and restructuring is now sweeping the world. In 1998, value of M&A in the world was US$2,500 billion, 54 percent more than in 1997.

Capital Market and Strategic Economic Restructuring in China


Economic restructuring should depend on the support of capital market.

Economic Restructuring: Progress Abroad and China’s Options


The main theme of the economic restructuring of industrialized countries is globalization and widespread application of high technology.

Proposed Measures for Strategic Economic Restructuring in China


Economic restructuring involves many issues and the following opinions are hereby put forward with regard to the goals, the main theme and principles that need to be followed and the status of the government in economic restructuring.

Chinese Economy Continue to Maintain Fast-Growth Momentum in the Medium and Long Term


In order to facilitate the study and research on the 10th Five-Year Plan, our center, in collaboration with the relevant units, organized an international seminar on the growth potential of the Chinese economy, and made a computer simulation model estimation.