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Analysis of the Trend of Changes in the Industrial Structure and Choice of Leading Industries in China During the Tenth Five-Year Plan Period


To get hold of the basic trend of changes in China’s industrial structure during the Tenth Five-Year Plan period, it is necessary to take into consideration at least three factors

Judgement on Present Economic Situation and Proposals for Next Year’s Economic Work


Basic judgement on the present economic situation and its trend for the next year

Farmers’ Comments on “the Farmer-workers Tide” --Questionnaires for 818 farmers seeking jobs out of their villages


The survey was conducted in May 1999 with the focus on the attitude of farmers toward the society, especially toward the government policy.

The Dual Policy Objectives of Grain Security Should Be Separated Rather than Merged


China’s policy for grain security is designed as one set of operation mechanism with dual objectives: on the one hand, the government tries to stabilize grain security of the state while on the other to secure the income of grain growers.

Forecasts of Automobile Demand in China in the Coming 10 Years


Growth of China's automobile market

Judgement on Macro-economic Situation and Enterprise Reforms by Enterprise Managers


Report on 1999 questionnaire survey of China's enterprise managers

Structural Policies Aimed at Promoting Economic Growth


The decline in economic growth in recent years involves not only the policy on aggregate demand but also the aggregate supply and accumulated structural problems.

More Efforts for Development of the Rural Market


Development of the rural market is an important strategy