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Features and Trend of the Current Economic Performance and Some Suggestions


In the first half of the year, economic growth accelerated, economic efficiency improved, and the economic performance developed with an obvious upward trend.

Take the Initiative to Adjust Policy Emphases as Economic Development has a Turn for the Better


In the first half of the year, China’s GDP grew by 8.2 per cent, the total volume of retail sales in social consumption goods rose by 10.1 per cent, fixed asset investment in the society as a whole swelled by 11 per cent, export increased by 38.3 per cent, and the consumption price index went up by 0.1 per cent.

Attention to and acceleration of system construction of the ranks of entrepreneurs in China


Report on the 2000 survey of growth and development of entrepreneurs in China

Analysis of Growing Disparity in People’s Income Since the Start of Reform ---- Major Characteristics and Contributing Factors


Manifestations and characteristics of growing disparity in people’s income.

An Evaluation on China’s Trade Dependence Ratio


China’s trade dependence ratio has been on the rise in the past 20 years.

China’s New Opening-up Strategy Facing its Accession to the World Trade Organization


Opening to the outside world is a fundamental state policy of China and is also an important component of the Tenth Five-Year Plan.

Migration of Rural Laborers in China under a Binary Structure and Policy Alternatives for the Issue1


Trans-regional migration has become an important form of employment for rural laborers, and has come to be referred to as the “tide of rural laborers” in recent years.

Some Issues Concerning Industrial Restructuring


An unprecedented wave of merger and aquisition (M&A) and restructuring is now sweeping the world. In 1998, value of M&A in the world was US$2,500 billion, 54 percent more than in 1997.