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Villagers' Self-Governance: Review and Preview


Villagers' self-governance in China has gone through almost three decades though we knew even then that the road for China's grassroots democracy would not be smooth.

Du Runsheng on Policy Research


In the history of New China's policy research, Du Runsheng (1913-2015) is an important figure well-known for his contributions.

Rural Issues and Institutionalization of Government


Serious problems that have occurred in rural areas in the past several years are mainly attributed to grassroots governments.

Rural Labor Migration: A Preliminary Study on Its Costs and Risks


China's rural labor migration has attracted wide attention because of the economic and social problems brought about by such a move.

Reformulating the low-carbon green growth strategy in China


This synthesis article reviews China's efforts and effects concerning low-carbon green growth (LCGG) and explores the policy implications of reformulating the country's LCGG strategy.

Eco-solutions for a sustainable Asia


Asia is a big family that varies across and within its regions, with a plethora of systems all bumping against one another. But one thing Asia's constituents have in common is the challenge posed by the transition to green growth. That challenge also presents enormous opportunities.

Independent Innovation Strategy for Communications Equipment Manufacturing Industry


The communications equipment manufacturing industry in China made its start-up in the mid-1980s, and has experienced an innovation development process featuring "imitation", "following innovation" and "active following innovation".

Are Farmers Conservative?


It is generally assumed that farmers are politically conservative. In light of classical theories, such an assumption is conclusive.