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Seize the Window Period of Transition and Cross the Middle-income Trap


China has entered the window period of transition.

Public-Private-Partnership: the Breakthrough Point of Reform for Public Service Systems and Mechanisms


China is currently implementing the Public-Private-Partnership (PPP)model.

Cultivate an Entrepreneurship Service System to Support the Development of Start-ups: Innovative Practices, Achievements, and Enlightenments of Zhongguancun


The practices of Zhongguancun in support of the development of start-ups have offered important enlightenments.

New Growth Pole in Western China: Research on the Development Strategies of Yuheng New District in Yulin City, Shaanxi Province


In China, Yulin city is a renowned old revolutionary base area, and noted for its historic and cultural relics.

Research on New Strategic Regions for China’s Future Economic Growth


Since approaches to forming new strategic regions would be different, it is needed to reform innovation-related regional policies.

Natural Circulation is the Foundation of Circular Economy


The fields and common technologies concerning the ecological industrial parks mainly include the information technology, energy, water, recycling, reuse, cycle and replacement, transportation and environmental monitoring.

Steadfastly Promote the Structural Reform on the Supply Side


The central economic working conference made a clear analysis of the complicated economic situation and illustrated various tasks to be accomplished in the future.

The Great Positive Energy for Building a Moderately Prosperous Society in an All-round Manner


After successfully fulfilling various tasks set out by the 12th Five-Year Plan, we will soon commence the 13th Five-Year Plan.