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A Clear Understanding of Difficulties and Challenges during the 13th Five-Year Plan Period: Build a Moderately Prosperous Society in an All-round Manner with New Development Ideas


This is a decisive task brought forward by the CPC Central Committee as well as a promise made by the Party to the whole nation, which should be accomplished on time.

The Building of an International First-class Think Tank Requires Courage and Dynamism


We need to accomplish the five tasks of cutting excessive industrial capacity, destocking, de-leveraging, lowering corporate costs and improving weak links.

Deepen Reform to Promote People-Centered Urbanization


Wang Yiming said that one of the tasks set in the 13th Five-Year Plan is to achieve the goal of raising the rate of registered population in towns and cities.

Deepen Reform to Construct a New Mechanism for an Opening Economy


Efforts need be made to achieve the transformation and upgrading of China’s international competitiveness from labor-intensive industries and value-added links to capital and technology-intensive industries.

Why Innovation Should Be the Focus of National Development


2016 is the first year of the 13th Five-Year Plan period and a crucial year to propel various reforms.

Township Governmentsand Adverse Accountability System


Recently we conducted a field survey on the construction of accountability system of township governments in 20 villages and towns located in 10 provinces.

No. 9 Courtyard in Beijing and China’s Rural Development


The other day, I went by the gate of No. 9 Courtyard in Beijing (The author once worked in No. 9 Courtyard in Beijing- note added by the translator).

Why Reform Leaves Township Bodies Intact?


By examining the expansion of township governments’ setups, we may find at least four reasons for their expansion. First, the staffing framework is gigantic perse.