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People’s Participation in China’s Grassroots Democratic Development


Whether the people could participate in political affairs in wider areas and on a larger scale are gauges for measuring democratic development level.

Grassroots Democracy Is an Important Guarantee for Social Harmony


Democracy is by itself a value and embodies the essential requirement of socialism. The construction of democratic politics should not be in a utilitarian manner or with an absolute thinking.

Community-level Democracy and Enforcement of Law-Based Governance


In reviewing China’s community-level democracy progress since reform and opening-up, we may find on one hand, the social foundation of democracy progress is rapidly expanding and numerous new forces are becoming the propeller for democratization.

Community-level Democracy Should Extend to the Economic Sector


The reports delivered at the 15th and 16th National Congresses of the Communist Party of China took expanding community-level democracy and fully motivating the people as a key task of the political system reform.

State-owned Enterprises’ Outward Investment and the Structural Reform in China


Since China’s accession to the WTO in 2001, China has been on a steep learning curve in terms of engaging in outward direct investment, and state-owned enterprises (SOEs) have played a predominant role in this drive.

Petitions and Petition System —— Analysis on Farmers’ Petitions Addressed to the Government


Farmers’ petitions give a concentrated expression to various conflicts in rural areas, posing a great challenge to some local governments.

China’s Grassroots Democracy and International Influence


Globalization is not a one-fold economic process but involves rich political implications as well.Globalization has brought complicated influencing factors to China’s grassroots democratic politics.

Grassroots Organizations: New Structure and Democratic Development


The development of China’s grassroots democracy results from social transition and change in institutional structure brought about by reform and opening-up.