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Policy Collections: 1 China’s Policy on Auto Industry (Abridged)


Stick to the principle of combining the fundamental function of allocating resources through the market with the macro adjustment and control by the government, create a fair-play and unified market environment and perfect a legalized management system for the automotive industry.

Policy Collections: 2 Proposals on Prior Development of Public Transport in Cities (Abridged)


The main objective is to strive to basically establish the dominant status of public transport among urban transport systems in approximately 5 years.

Conflict Control of Township Government: A Survey on 20 Townships in 10 Provinces


Rural social society has changed significantly in recent years.

Social Engagement Politics of Township Government: A Survey on 20 Townships in 10 Provinces


When township leaders met with each other and talked about their working experience, many would complain that there are too many meetings, too many documents, too many reports, and too many receptions and inspections.

Give Full Play to the Key Role of Information Technology and Promote Economic Transformation and Upgrading


At present, China's economic development has come to a critical period.

Seize the Window Period of Transition and Cross the Middle-income Trap


China has entered the window period of transition.

Public-Private-Partnership: the Breakthrough Point of Reform for Public Service Systems and Mechanisms


China is currently implementing the Public-Private-Partnership (PPP)model.

Cultivate an Entrepreneurship Service System to Support the Development of Start-ups: Innovative Practices, Achievements, and Enlightenments of Zhongguancun


The practices of Zhongguancun in support of the development of start-ups have offered important enlightenments.