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Speed up the Development of the Distributed Power Architecture and Optimize China’s Mode of Power Supply*


China’s power supply-demand situation is still very grave in 2004.

Recommendations for the Legislation of Social Credit System


The establishment and improvement of social credit system is a prerequisite for improving the socialist market economic system, and is also the fundamental solution to regulating the market order.

A Basic Judgment of the Management of Human Resources in Chinese Enterprises


There is a world of difference in terms of age, educational qualification and the allocation of human resource management staff in Chinese domestic enterprises with different backgrounds.

Five Questions to Be Solved in Cancellation of the Three Agricultural Taxes and the Policy Proposals (Excerpts)


Fund supply for rural public service seems to come mainly from the new agricultural taxes after the reform of the rural taxation.

Measures for Food Safety Strategy


Monitoring of food safety involves the full process from the "agricultural fields to the dining tables", including the intermediate links such as production, processing, storage and marketing.

Readjust Inter-Government Responsibility Relationship and Further Promote the Reform of the Compulsory Education System in Rural Areas (Excerpts)


At present, the fundamental way for compulsory education in rural areas to get out of predicament lies only in an overall readjustment of the responsibility relationship among governments at various levels.

Ecological Restoration Should Be the Chief Objective of the Development of the and Industry in the Three North Regions (Abridged)


The chief objective of the State in developing the sand industry is ecological restoration, but the motivation of enterprise participation is their high expectation on the future return of this industry.

A Forecast of Trade Balance Trend in 2004 and Proposals(Abridged)


If the trade deficit will show up in 2 – 3 consecutive quarters in 2004, then anticipation of the Renminbi appreciation on the market will evidently weaken and the cost and pressure from the adjustment of the exchange rate mechanism will decrease accordingly.