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Special Issue: Urbanization And Employment Of Migrant Workers In China-Urbanization of Migrant Workers and Expansion of Domestic Demand


This paper explores, from the perspective of general equilibrium, the relationship between urbanizing migrant workers and increasing domestic demand.

The Institutional Crux of Community-level Government


As a modern bureaucratic body, community-level government is not adequately institutionalized. The crux for such institutional insufficiency features three facets.

Rural Development and “Corporatization-based Community-level Government”


The feature of corporatization-based community-level government is mainly reflected by taking economic growth and especially fiscal revenue as the utmost driver.

Institutional Arrangements Should Follow Farmers’Steps


The process of reform is one of remaking institutional arrangements. In terms of rural reform, the first fundamental methodological question is what is the basis for making institutional arrangements.

Non-Governmental Organizations and Grassroots Democracy


In the process of social transition, there have arisen various new social problems and social demands. Solving these problems and meeting these demands also depend on, apart from government efforts, organized social forces.

People’s Participation in China’s Grassroots Democratic Development


Whether the people could participate in political affairs in wider areas and on a larger scale are gauges for measuring democratic development level.

Grassroots Democracy Is an Important Guarantee for Social Harmony


Democracy is by itself a value and embodies the essential requirement of socialism. The construction of democratic politics should not be in a utilitarian manner or with an absolute thinking.

Community-level Democracy and Enforcement of Law-Based Governance


In reviewing China’s community-level democracy progress since reform and opening-up, we may find on one hand, the social foundation of democracy progress is rapidly expanding and numerous new forces are becoming the propeller for democratization.